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Fascinators, Hats, Fringe Trim Goose Feather 19cmW – 2 meters (G07 electric blue)

These goose fringe feathers that are stitched along on a trim. They are perfect for weddings, for dresses and other crafting purposes. The goose fringe feathers are sewn to a 2 ply trim giving the strip double the strength of single ply trims from other suppliers. That means it will hold together better in your project. The height of the fringe is about 7.5inches. These goose fringe trim feathers ..


Peacock Feather Flower Headdress - Set of 3

These flowers clips are suitable for any occasion, wedding, classy evening night out etc.Can be pin on your hat.Come with a metal clip and a dress pinSize: length: 5inch, width: 5inch, height: 1.5inch.Colour: assorted, set of 3..