Paper, fabric scissors, cutting cloth, craft making!

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1x Comfort to hold- Premium SKC Japanese Quality Large Unpicker 5"

Indispensable for unpicking seams , for your tool box! This little tool make unpicking stitches with..


Bead Easy, Extra Thin/ Fine Beading Hand Sewing Needles X3, 5.5cm/2.2

Ideal for bead workPerfect for fine small beadsSharp points penetrate easilyGreat for professonal/at..


Economy Sewing Machine Tweezers 5" Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

These sewing machine tweezers help maintain the smooth running of your sewing machine. Stainless ste..


Genuine Towa Bobbin Case x1

Suitable for all type of industrial sewing machine: Singer, Brother, Toyota, Juki etc.Long lasting, ..


Get Precise Pointed, High Grade Steel Needle-Pointed Tracing Wheel- Pattern Making, Pattern Tracing

A top quality tool, strong and long lasting. Its comfortable, plastic handle has a hardened, high gr..


HAND Pattern Marking Ruler, Flexible, Non Removable Inner Marking - Metric

For all kinds of pattern making- on children's, men's or ladies patternsThe ideal tool for fashion s..


Handy Thread and Unpicking Snips

Handy little 4 inch thread snips.Stainless Steel and light weight.Perfect for professionals as well ..


Junior HAND Ruler Pattern Marking, Pattern Making, Metric

For all kinds of pattern making, useful for any curves for drawing specific garment sections such as..


Light Weight Shoulder Pads BLACK Colour, Style 1110 BLK Buy 1 Pair Get 1 Pair Free

Light weight shoulder pads, suitable for any classic ladies suit, dress makingColor : BlackMeasures:..


Multi-purpose Masking Tape - Assorted Sizes (M 03 12 mm wide/6 rolls)

Multi Purpose Masking TapePrevents paint bleed throughIdeal for small painting jobsAvailable in a ra..


Premium Japanese Quality Small Unpicker 9cm, Get 4 for the price of 3

Easy to use, handyThis little tool make unpicking stitches without damaging the fabric easy, but it ..


Red Check Wrist Pin Cushion, 60mmW, Tailor, Students

This is perfect for dress makers and people working for garment quality control leaving both hands f..


Wooden Handle Clickers Awl 10cm / 4 Inch

• Blade length 5.5cm/2.2".• Overall length 10cm/ 4".• Pierces card, plastic, cloth and leather...


Easy to Thread 5.4cm/2.2 Hand Sewing Needles x5 In a Pack

Sturdy 2.2 inch needle, great for tough fabric or leatherQuilting, sewing, kniting, leather work and..


Graders Set Squares

Ideal for pattern making professional use, at school or at home...


Lockstitch Bobbin, Get 3 For The Price of 2

Suitable for all type of industrial sewing machineLong lasting, strong..


Plastic Collar Stays, Collar Stiffeners X 25 Pairs In a Pack – 64mm, White

Size: 10 mm x 64 mm25 Pairs in a packPlasticKeep your collar looking pristine and crisp all dayGreat..


Precise & Easy to Mark Flexible Curve 16-Inch/40cm, Flex Design Rule Measure-Flexible Curve Ruler

This curve flexible design can easily be placed in the design and drafting of various shapes. Great ..