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Brooch BR66 Beautiful Elegant Clear Crystal Silver Tone Lips - Pack of 2

Pack of 2 beautiful elegant brooches. Size: 38 x 25 mm. Brooches have safety pin on the back. Elegant and beautiful decoration for all occasions. Will add a beautiful and great look to your dress, blazer, top, coat, etc.....



A Morden glue gun has to be strong and have long lasting life, DGHL glue gun can prove you this. By having the stainless steel metal feeder instead of the normal plastic feeder, the technology can improve the long lasting hours against hot temperature glue fluid coming out of the feeder, while the normal plastic feeder cannot last for longer use under high temperatures. This glue gun is ideal for ..


BY-086 Stainless Steel Sharp Curved Trimmer Scissors, 3.5-Inch

With its durable double-plated chrome-over-nickel finish, this pair of 3.5-inch curved embroidery scissors works great for intricate needlework. The curved blade allow you to get in close to the design to cut loose thread while working comfortably above the work surface. Great for trimming small hair too...


C-106 Rotary Compass Circle Cutter, Cut Multi Layers, Fabric Paper Leather Vinyl Cut Diameter from 3cm-24cm

DAFA C-106 is the newest version of multipurpose circle cutter in the market, it brings the classic circle cutting method, rotary circle cutting into 3in1 cutting style. Rotary blades diameter 18mm User instruction: Set your point Lock the position Then turn the cutter clockwise (attn.: please ensure you are turning towards the right direction) Watch the red mark for store case the spare bladesRot..


Chalk Wax White Tailor Magic Iron-off Pack of 100 Leads Refils with Pen

Chalk pen with 100 chalk refils. Iron off white chalk leads (mark immediately disappear after ironing). Lead length: 9.3cmPen Lenght: 12.2 cm. A new way to mark on fabric for tailors instead of the tradtional chalk...


Cleaning Stain Remover Specializing for Silver Mark, Remover Pens for Leather or Fabric - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Note: 1, Please test on the actual fabric or leather before attempt to clean. If result of changing tones of fabric or leather it is not suitable to use on this material. 2, Keep out of reach of children 3, Avoid pen liquid contact your skin...


Coated Fibreglass Insulating Tape with Silicone Adhesive - 10 m

PTFE (Teflon®) coated fiberglass fabric with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive tapes provide superior release properties and non-stick surfaces to allow machinery and equipment to run smoothly and efficiently. This tape is used in packaging (heat sealing, shrink wrapping) as a heat resistant release surface placed over heating elements and pressure bars. This tape maintains durability at high ..


Colour Paperclips, Vinyl Coated Wire Paper Clips Length 50mm, 112g Assorted [Pack of 100]

Smooth finish.50 mm in length.Keep your papers together.Vinyl Coated Wire Paper Clips..